Monday, 5 October 2015

The Journey Part 3 – Light of Hand

The Journey hasn't quite turned out how I first imagined it. It started out as an artistic adventure to bring Kazart back to life but instead the opposite happened. It evolved into something much more personal and hard to express resulting in Kazart shutting down for a few months. This is why it has taken so long for Part 3 to eventuate. Life and priorities don't always allow us the luxury of time to indulge in artistic pursuits or things that we enjoy. I say 'luxury' because spending time in my art studio has become a precious gift which I don't get to enjoy as often as I used to. Don't get me wrong – I'm not complaining – I now appreciate my gift more than ever before.

So The Journey continues... I've had some time to re-energise and catch up on things. Part 3 is an expression of where we are now – in a better place. I woke up at 4am one morning with a list of a million things I should do racing through my head so I got up and wrote it all down. One of them was to 'paint more of The Journey'. Scribbling ideas on a piece of paper, I felt excited...

The Journey – Part 3

I literally painted it just using my hands... it was so liberating. Basically I couldn't decide which brush to use, got paint all over my hands trying to squeeze paint out of an old dried up tube, then looked at my hands and thought, "What a waste?' So I turned and wiped it onto the canvas which then evolved into painting the entire canvas with my fingers whilst listening to Florence and The Machine over and over. Brush dilemma solved!

This was my hand after I finished the painting - and after I had rubbed off most of the paint!
Acrylic paint dries quickly! Note the red dot on my middle finger? I cut it on the surface of the
canvas somehow. Had to call it a day after that... didn't want red on my painting!

Part 2 was mostly dark with a burst of hope. Part 3 has turned it around. The darkness has been pushed back allowing light and warmth to rise, like a shield of protective energy, calming the storm left within. It may sound weird but remember, it's all about painting it as you feel it. I just let the painting happen. 

Until Part 4...  xo

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Phoebe - Fairytale

Phoebe felt trapped. She was unable to escape from the darkness within. All she wanted was to be free but there was no easy way out. Everything seemed impossible. The only thing that could save her was love – yep, just like in a fairytale – she just needed to believe. And then, by putting her trust in those who loved her, she could be free to live happily ever after. Of course, all her dreams would come true too... x

TRANSLATION of 'Ribbit!' (common Frog Prince latin):
"Phoebe, oh Phoebe, let down your golden hair!"
Phoebe - Fairytale
Original sketch in pencil. Redrawn using Illustrator. Colour and special effects added using Photoshop.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Phoebe - Sorry

Phoebe was so sick of saying sorry. She seemed to apologise for everything she did, said, thought… the list goes on. In fact, she said sorry sooo much that she decided to delete the word from her vocabulary altogether. It was time to stand tall and embrace her inadequacies and stop apologising for being… well, Phoebe?
PS. Phoebe is sorry for being away so long too x
Phoebe 'Sorry' - originally sketched by hand then redrawn and coloured using Illustrator. Background is a scanned painted canvas collaged into illustration using Photoshop. Hill and other spacial effects created using Photoshop.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Journey Part 2 - Constant Change

Life has been good lately but nothing in life ever stays the same. Everything is constantly changing, sometimes slowly, sometimes in a split second. Sometimes the perfect bubble of happy can explode in your face when you least expect it. Bam! Shock. Reaction! But life goes on...

Part 2 of The Journey is an expression of exactly that – constant change. It is an expressive reaction to emotion and shock. A battle between darkness and the light...
The painting has completely changed. I didn't intend this to happen but I painted it as I felt it on this particular day.

Not only has the painting taken a radical change of direction but my original plan of adding to it bit by bit has too. I found it very hard to just paint one section – it was too confining – before I knew it nearly the whole canvas was covered. I left my favourite bit from Part1 but then could not fight the urge to paint over it!

Until Part 3...

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

I LOVE Van Gogh faces

The other day I was flicking through some old art books in my studio and I came across a book called Van Gogh by Pierre Cabanne which I hadn't seen in ages. It reminded me of the first time* I ever saw Van Gogh's work and how much it moved and inspired me.

I also LOVE faces and distorted portraits fascinate me so when I found Van Gogh's 'Portrait of a Man (Joseph Michel Ginoux)', I just had to do my own version...
My Interpretation of Van Gogh's 'Portrait of a Man (Joseph Michel Ginoux)' - really enjoyed doing this! The beauty of doing a portrait of a distorted portrait for fun is that it doesn't matter if its a bit more distorted!? Instead of using oil paint as per original, I used Derwent colour pencils and black charcoal to finish for dramatic effects. Have I ever mentioned how much I  LOVE using charcoal?

*If I remember correctly it was 'The Scream' and 'Starry Night' in a book at school. I have LOVED his work ever since. It touched my soul almost as if I could feel and understand every expressive paint stroke and colour he had used. There was something so wild and exciting about his style... I wanted to paint like him.

Monday, 29 December 2014

The Journey - Part 1

Recently I had this idea for a painting involving one huge canvas, masses of colour, lots of left over paint and one large brush.

The idea...
Starting in one corner, I want to paint my journey over the next year, as I feel it, as it happens, using masses of colour. I've dedicated this coming year to refocusing on art, in fact, my goal is to get Kazart up and running again by end of 2015. There. Its in writing. Done. Now I'm committed!

The challenge...
Yes I have a full-time job and a 3.5 hour commute every day but that's no excuse. I can still think about art and come up with ideas while I'm working or driving. There is nothing to stop me (only myself) from scribbling down ideas in my lunch hour or while I'm sitting in traffic. I can be a full-time artist as well as a mother, wife and graphic designer. I just need to re-prioritise stuff and rethink the way I think. The first step to being a full-time artist is getting into the habit of thinking about art all the time. If I can't find the time to do my art, I can still think about it while I'm doing other stuff. I just need a pocket notebook and a pen...

(Note to self. Carry a pocket note book and pen at all times)

Back to the painting... 
I'm calling it The Journey. My gorgeous kids gave me a humungous canvas for Christmas so yesterday, alone in my studio with my favourite music blaring, I started to paint. Of course, intending to paint only one corner, I got completely carried away and by the end of the CD the entire canvas was covered. But it felt sooo good! Standing back, I could see only one section I liked so I decided that bit would stay - the rest will be painted over bit by bit (or not) over the coming year whenever I get the urge. A continuing morphism of feelings expressed in colour...
The Journey (so far) - a work in progress. I am just painting it as I feel it using whatever leftover paint I find lying around in my studio. Its amazing how many half and almost empty tubes of paint I found! And by the way, most of what you see will be eventually painted over... except for my favourite bit.

The Journey (my favourite bit) - Love this bit! It stays... the rest is history!

Keep posted...
I'll keep posting its progress as it happens. Not sure where it will lead or what it will end up looking like but I'm pretty sure I'll know when its finished... 

Until Part 2...  Kazx

PS. If you want to join me, grab a canvas and start painting! Just make sure you leave a comment below so I can keep posted on your painting's progress too! x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Over the Moon

I am sooo busy at the moment. Christmas is coming, work is flat out and my creative spirit is flying high. There is so much I want to do but just can't seem to squeeze enough hours (minutes?) out of the day to get it all done. My mind is racing with ideas and sometimes I wish I could stay awake all night but my tired eyes just refuse to cooperate. SO this week's post is dedicated to flying high with boundless creative energy and expectations over the moon...
Over the Moon – pencil sketch redrawn in Illustrator and coloured in Photoshop.