Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Phoebe – Peace on Earth

Phoebe couldn't cope with all the noise. It was too loud, too busy and too much. She just wanted to run away and hide somewhere quiet. She wanted it to stop. In fact, she felt like standing up and screaming at the top of her lungs, "STOPPP!!!" But it was no use, she would never be heard over the ever pounding, ever amplifying noise. So instead, she knelt down with her eyes closed and ear muffs on and prayed for Peace on Earth...

Wishing you a Peaceful Christmas & safe New Year, with love from Phoebe xoxo

Monday, 7 November 2016

Pencil Portrait of Handsome Hunter

Pencil Portrait of Hunter – hand-drawn using lead pencil and Derwent colour pencils. I used a couple of photos as reference.
Finished this custom pet portrait today... he is such a handsome boy! I hope the recipient likes it?

This was actually my second attempt. I'm still not 100% happy but if I fiddle around with it any more, I will end up ruining it and having to start another one. Ah the strive for perfection... there's a point where you have to stop and accept it for what it is... an artistic interpretation of what I see recorded onto paper by means of my hand moving a pencil. Hmmm... that puts it into perspective doesn't it?

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Pencil Portrait of Chippy

Every time I walk down to the art studio, I have to go through the horse paddock, and without fail, I meet our horse Chippy at the hay shed. He is a big old Welsh Mountain Pony and as cheeky and bold as they come. He's white to light grey in colour and in winter, turns into a furry white polar bear (slight exaggeration). In Spring he loses his coat (literally bags of it) and slims down to a more horsy-ish looking pony. My daughters adore him. I can't even imagine our place without his cheeky majesty hanging around somewhere – he likes to take a nap around lunch time near the chicken shed. Sometimes he turns up completely filthy from going for a roll in some ash or dirt!

I've been wanting to do a portrait of him for my daughter as he is getting a bit older now (grand old 24+ ish) so today I drew him. Can't remember the last time I actually did a realistic drawing of a horse (and finished it) so I wasn't sure how it would turn out – especially drawing a white horse on white paper? Sounded so easy... I only drew his head and neck but it was so much harder than I thought. However I finished it and showed my critics (my kids are very honest...) and hoped that it lived up to their very high expectations.

Portrait of Chippy – sketched using a very light 6H lead pencil, then finished with Derwent colour pencils. Who would have thought a white horse on white paper would be so hard to draw?!

The harshest critic, my younger daughter, was sooo ecstatic, she hugged me, jumping up and down saying 'Oh my gosh!' over and over. I think that was an approval?

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Paint it OUT!

Sometimes you just need to paint it out...  and the lull is over.
Paint it OUT! – painted using acrylic paint on large canvas while listening to fave music.
When I'm in a lull (stuck, down, completely uninterested in anything, no energy, nil will or drive, unmotivated and burdened by an impossibly heavy dark mood... hmmm, depressed?) I've found that the only thing that can break it is to just paint it the hell out. So I did...

The other day I spent a good solid 4 hours in my studio doing just that. I found a big old canvas, chose a few colours I felt like painting and put my fave music on (which at the moment is The Cure, Standing on a Beach). The canvas started out the other way around with black at the top but when I had finished painting, I turned it around to paint the sides and decided I liked it better with the black at the bottom. Not sure where the red came from - I didn't choose it but somehow it managed to work its way in during the process. Sneeky...

I love painting like this – no plan just letting it go, letting it out on a blank canvas using colour and my hands. I can look at that canvas now and see exactly where my head was at, how I was feeling - a snap shot of before. All that crap that was stopping me from creating has been expelled and captured on a canvas... much better there than in my head! ;)

Feeling so much better now... x

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tea Fixes Everything

Tea Fixes Everything – art print available at my Etsy shop, kazartgallery.

I have this saying which I say a lot. Its origin is a mystery – not sure if I came up with it myself or picked it up from somewhere else but it feels like it is entirely mine.

The saying is "Tea Fixes Everything", which I'm sure you've heard me say at least a trillion times before.

It is true though. Tea does fix everything... usually. However at the moment I am in a lull and even tea isn't working. I can't find the motivation or energy or focus I need to get things done or even started. Its like something is missing. My drive has gone. My confidence is zilch. I barely have enough energy to get through an ordinary uneventful day.

I tell myself it will pass, take it easy and maybe tomorrow I will wake up and the spark will be back. I wouldn't normally write about something like this on my blog but I figured it was better than writing nothing at all. Maybe it will help shake it loose so I can just get on with it.

Maybe I just need to do something mundane for a few days like weeding to get it out of my system ;)

Or maybe I'm just tired and tomorrow I will wake up and feel alive again. x

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Make For Good Campaign 2016

So happy to be a part of the Make For Good campaign at Etsy!

The Make For Good project is powered by Etsy sellers from Australia and New Zealand in support of Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl campaign. 20% of the sale price of marked items will be donated to Plan’s Because I Am A Girl Campaign. All funds raised will go towards supporting projects that help make a difference in the lives of girls held back by poverty and gender inequality. To learn more about this project go to etsy.me/makeforgood.

If you would like to help, please go to my etsy shop kazartgallery and purchase one of these prints:

makeforgood Rainbow art prints are for sale at kazartgallery
This artwork by me was inspired by my own animal loving, world changing daughters... xo

Another artwork created by me for this amazing project x
To purchase an art print go to my etsy shop kazartgallery

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Phoebe – The Lull

It had been a while and Phoebe had been very patient but her head was hurting and Monday morning was always such a disappointment. Another week and still she hadn't seemed to have gotten anywhere. Enthusiasm, nil... energy, zilch... she sat and tried to pick herself up. Was this just a sugar burn out? Did she eat too many jelly beans yesterday? Maybe listening to The Cure really loud would help... usually it did. Or maybe this was just a lull, an unscheduled stop in her journey. Anyway, Phoebe decided to kick back, take a moment, and wait for something to happen... x

Phoebe – The Lull – as usual, this illo started with a pencil sketch which was scanned onto the Mac and redrawn in Adobe Illustrator. Phoebe and the stop sign were coloured in Illustrator as well. Then in Photoshop, I added the hand-painted background texture (which is actually a scan of one of my painted canvasses) and the Kazart swirl. The grass was painted in Photoshop, as well as the jelly beans, etc. 
This illustration took about 5 to 6 hours to create. There were so many layers involved! Also I was a bit rusty having not done a Phoebe illo in a while but it was sooo enjoyable. A challenge as usual as I started out with a rough sketch and a scribbled story and then slowly it evolved as I re-sketched and started to put it together. I'm never really sure how it is going to end up but I've learned to just trust the creative process and let Phoebe steer. Seriously, if I try and take control it just ends up in a car crash... x

PS. this Phoebe illo is dedicated to her most loyal fan, Michelle, who has never given up on her in spite of Phoebe's absence from the universe for a while... thanks for your patience & encouraging comments, Michelle. xo